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We Can Make A Difference


We can make a difference

You can take action. You can take steps at home, on the road, and in your office to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the risks associated with climate change. Many of these steps can save you money; some, such as walking or biking to work can even improve your health! You can also get involved on a local or state level to support energy efficiency, clean energy programs, or other climate programs.

What You Can Do

Driving a car, using electricity to light and heat your home, and throwing away garbage all lead to greenhouse gas emissions. You can reduce emissions through simple actions like changing a light bulb, powering down electronics, using less water, and recycling. This site provides more than 25 easy steps you can take at Home, School, the Office, and On the Road to protect the climate, reduce air pollution, and save money. Take action today! Small steps add up, if we all do our part.

What You Can Do: At Home

1. Change five lights

2. Look for ENERGY STAR

3. Heat and cool smartly

4. Seal and insulate your home

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle

6. Use water efficiently

7. Be green in your yard

8. Purchase green power

9. Calculate your household's carbon footprint

10. Spread the word

What You Can Do: On the Road

1. Buy smart: Purchase a fuel-efficient, low-greenhouse gas vehicle

2. Drive smart

3. Remember maintenance...

4. ... and don’t forget your tires!

5. Give your car a break

6. Use renewable fuels

Make a better energy choice with Green Electric™, Clean Gas, American Wind®.

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