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We can do Better than Tax Rain Water

prices going up
prices going up
jodi emmer

Only in the state of Maryland could taxes be such a joke. There is soon to be a great exodus from the state of Maryland, businesses and people leaving the state in droves. Maybe it is a great thing who knows? It is certainly understandable.

There is all this dialogue about income inequality going around the district right now, however, who do they think is going to be paying for all these new taxes? Income inequality is here to stay, I don't really see how the impact of these taxes are going to lessen the burden on the middle class and those earning a lot less than that.

In addition to being tolled for driving all over Washington D.C. and Virginia with a smart pass toll for having these somewhat empty left hand lanes which cost the driver a bunch of money to just to get to work in time. The law makers have designed a new way to tax rain water.

In a Washington Times article written by Jessica Chasmar, who so eloquently states,

“All residents of maryland are a pollution source everyone wants to point the finger at some other source that’s going to solve the problem. It’s going to take all of us collectively, rolling up our sleeves, and also taking responsibility for the choices that we make. This is one way for Maryland residents to own up to the pollution they contribute.The Rain Tax essentially charges homeowners for any surface of land they own that does not absorb rainwater. The ultimate goal, according to My Fox, is to reduce storm-water runoff and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.”

Only ten counties will be responsible for levying the tax so far.

According to Raw Fisher of The Washington Post and his article on city and suburb taxes,

“all told Maryland has raised its sales tax to 6%,and if you happen to live in Montgomery County, Maryland and make $75,000 a year, you face the biggest tax burden in the region at $8,469, more than Prince George’s County, more than Fairfax County and more than The District”

Hope they do not chase away any new businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to start businesses here that would be a real hard ship on the job revival and growth for this entire state.

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