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We become desensitized, we become vulnerable!

I recently received some feedback that I ticked some people off, contracts maybe lost and some associates. However, I count it all joy and will continue to avoid any kind of evil 1Thessalonians 5:22

I am tired of living in a society where we pretend, our silence is deadly to the future generations of this nation. We pretend fornication is fine, we pretend homosexuality is fine, we pretend racism is fine and as long as we stay quiet it will go away or not effect me and my 4. Aids and others STD's are very real and the unnecessary acts in this nation have gone on far too long. Children are suffering and we look the other way.

I received questions of whether I think there should be more concern about the recent sucides. Well I feel suicide in general deserves more sympathy, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual sex it is fornication and therefore sin is sin. We should treat it as such. It is aggravating having to hear or see the sex lives of homosexual or heterosexuals publicly. We are becoming a society without decency. I really feel people should keep it in their bedroom. My mom used to say you share your business and others will want to try it too....... possibly why we have so much infidelity and divorce. There is nothing left to the imagination and there is something to be said for privacy.

I sincerely believe it was sad it was delivered on the internet, but the type of sex should not be the key factor of whether it was a hate crime. People need to respect one another in general. People should consider the consequences of their action on both sides. Respect your roommate enough to follow the rules and respect your roommate enough to keep it private and in the proper forum.

I have had to pull my children out of a school that had many openly gay staff. It was an amazing opportunity to learn another language but at what cost. The children came home giggling about whether the two men on staff were spending the weekend together. If the children are sensing your lifestyles that much it is too open and should be addressed. I also did not find the behavior of one of the staff particularly safe and felt he may have been a pedophile.

My concern is that we live in a society where a few elite pedophiles have launched campaigns of homosexuality to allow themselves to fulfill their own personal desires. In the event that they get caught they continue to lower the age of consent and make the laws more lenient to do so. I believe our concern should be stronger laws to protect children and privacy in general. I am certainly concerned about the alleged accusations against Bishop but it has not been proven. I am very concerned about children being used for sexual perversion in general. Our efforts should be aimed at fixing the laws and the guilt should be on the heads of all who do nothing and remain silent!


  • Pat Anthony/Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner 4 years ago

    You are right. Many have stopped speaking because they fear their thoughts will be criticized. It was stated somewhere that we are only free to speak our mind if we are in agreement with the majority. If someone thinks this is not true, let them dare to speak their thoughts and see how long it is before they are sued for daring to say what was on their mind...even if it is fact.

  • Profile picture of Denise Loundes-Russell
    Denise Loundes-Russell 4 years ago


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