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We Are Beautiful Creatures

Light & Dark
Light & Dark
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I was thinking about how around this time last year I did not have a clue how to create a book, how to finish a book. I was going through the motions putting all of the pieces together, and then came how to publish.

I found the path that I desired to take at the time, that worked for me, that required really no money out of pocket and gave me the ability to have tangible copies in my hand to sell, and to make available via multiple online distributors … a year later you can get your copy in the UK, in Japan, in multiple online retailers, new... or used... and I have learned SO MUCH about the whole thing. Mostly, how amazing and artist friendly this new world way of communicating can be. It takes the power out of the hands of corporations and puts it back into the hands of the creators.

More than revenues I’m enthralled because the idea of someone eating a Nashi while they sit on their bed or by some lovely or not so even, body of water in reading words that I wrote now in Japanese… enchants me.
The idea that we can so easily reach out and touch each other, make change, maybe even make a difference here?
If even one thought that you followed from your heart created something or reached out and touched one person in a positive way would that not mean everything?

I don’t know what my art does… all I know that it is potentially win win… even if someone dislikes it, if it made them think… or if they got a reflection of themselves. Sometimes It’s hard to take a good long look in the mirror at ourselves…. Each other … they say we are all reflections?

In the movie “Mirror Mirror” directed by Tarsem Singh, it seemed apparent to me anyway that the mirror was an alter form of the queens self….a powerful part of her identity kept hidden that could mean… anything… the mirror wasn’t the one choosing…. The mirror was just showing up… reflecting onward. The reflections came from the decisions the queen made and then ultimately returned to her like a circle, a boomerang …. What you put out you receive… truly a deep and brilliant underlying meaning, and that’s what I love about movies, and about books, and about paintings, and about arts, in general. They make you think… and even if you are the one dreaming up some depth that was not intentionally stroked by the artist, you are still better for it… still seeing an aspect of yourself.

And, as in the romantic fantasy film "Beautiful Creatures" directed by Richard LaGravenese based on the novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, it came to be that the character contained both light and darkness withing her heart. Love is as much the beautiful as the profane... which one was activated was based on her choice.... there fore, there can be no excuses for us not to choose love... as I believe we also house both of these opportunities within our hearts here...what we put out and what we receive depends upon what we choose...

How are you showing up? I’m not sure… but I’m here still… as promised… the journey continues, we shall dance together again in festival… continue to share and build and grow, book 2 is being grown, created… I like to think in terms of cake… or baking… in the blending, and the infusions, the scents… coming together in the bowl pulled sacredly and intentionally from the cupboards with love… in a books case the characters, the story lines, the feelings of each individual moment, the essence that you hope to impart on the reader are the ingredients. The chapters form as the cake is baked and you cut off any loose edges… you shape it up, ice it, decorate it, sprinkle it with glitter, and candy flowers and bows, the finishing touches…. And then perhaps in my opinion the best part… when you slice it up and share it with friends…. In the case of a birthday cake you make a wish, blow out the candles and share it with the Birthday love…. The first slice goes to you, with love... yes that's the best part hands down for me, the sharing.

Here is to our future adventure’s together, to following our dreams, believing we are enough, to trust, to seeing the good, and producing our art, to love.

By Ashley Davene

Host of Art of Love Radio:

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