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We Americans’ are stuck on stupid

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Long before using gun control to control a nation those that lust for power and wealth first dumb down their people so they became so gullible that they believed whatever the propaganda machine puts out via the media that they control.

Gun control comes into play just before the end of all freedoms and the current times are teeter tottering on the edge of, freedom and socialism, and which way we tip is up to us not government.

Thanks to the design of our failing public schools we have developed a populous of gullible idiots just as they planned. On a world scale we don’t rank anywhere near the top in any humanely good attributes like most intelligence. But we lead the world by a large margin in obesity. Don’t for a second believe that the two are not mutually related. We have become the exact people that those who lust for power and wealth have molded us into.

But we don’t have to be led onto trains and transported to either slave camps or exterminations chambers. We have the means to educate ourselves in this day of information overload. The missing ingredient is the will and self esteem to better ourselves as individuals so we can become better stewards of our nation. History is a great place to start because we humans are in a pattern of repeating our fallacies over and over due to forgetting or not knowing in the first place our history. Second is math and the related subjects such as physics and chemistry which explain the nature of our very existence. Even our forefathers regularly referred to our creator or natural God in reference to the laws of nature, physics and chemistry which they knew was by intelligent design just as Einstein spent a life time trying to prove with his relativity theory.

We the People can be in charge of our lives and our freedoms if only we work at it. The future of our country and the legacy we leave to the youth is solely the responsibility of you and I. And to defer it to others who don’t have our best interest in mind is somewhat treasonous by way of submission in failing to uphold the freedoms afforded us by those that risked it all and died to establish this country of ours.

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