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We all use Social Media Sites the question is, do you trust them

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On June 9, 2014, Forbes covered two great articles about where Facebook could be heading next. Asking the one question, we here at Examiner have been asking all along, can social media sites be trusted?

Parmy Olson at Forbes covered a story about what Facebook maybe looking at as a way of finally making money through its messaging service. Co-worker Jeff Bercovici of Forbes, announced in his latest article the news of Facebook taking on the ex CEO of Paypal to manage its messenger service.

David Marcus, former CEO of Paypal posted this statement out on Facebook announcing his move, “Going from managing a few hundred people at best in my entrepreneurial career, I suddenly found myself leading 14,000. The first year took its toll on me.”

Given that statement alone, one would have to question his taking on a deal with Facebook, which interacts with billions of users worldwide.

Marcus also stated in his announcement, “I realized that my role was becoming a real management one, vs my passion of building products that hopefully matter to a lot of people.” This statement really stuck out because now he’s managing Facebook’s messaging service.

While his title is “Head of Messenger Products" there is a lot of speculations about just how much say he will have over other apps Facebook acquires.

With Facebook looking into money transfer deals, which Forbes confirmed last April to gain them profit, this would put David Marcus, head to head against the very company he came from; the one he so elegantly quoted, as being so great in his Facebook post, one must wonder why he left in the first place.

Social media doesn’t exactly have a proven track recorder when it comes to users trusting them. Security and privacy issues, which seem to always be on the front burner in the news these days one, must ask themselves just how much they trust technology companies of which they socialize on.

A spokesperson for Facebook told Forbes that David Marcus would only be running Messenger and not the company’s other messaging services like WhatsApp, Instagram or its newest app add Slingshot.

The big question of the day is “trust”, do account holders believe social media sites are no longer working together with the NSA, are they protecting user’s rights and privacy? In a recent article, we posted out news of Facebook news app with listens in on ones surrounds; that already has Facebook in hot water. There is a petition circulating to get the app removed.

In Facebook’s drop down menu one can already add how they feel, what they are eating and even what they watch. However, what they watch in ways of movies, t.v shows is not fully structured in the drop down menu, and one must ask why.

Instead this new app comes out which has it all and only requires users to let Facebook listen in using your phones microphone. One can only speculate why such an app would ever be approved and who is backing it.

We’re not just talking posts and comments anymore, money transfer is a big issue. Do you trust social media sites enough to give them your banking information? With identity thief on the rise and a poor track record of keep information safe we here at Examiner want to hear from you.