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WDHD What Did Hillary Do?

Hillary should have been traded for this guy
Hillary should have been traded for this guyFoxNews

After failing to settle the 4th attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi as an old scandal, & a stupid comment regarding being poor, former Arkansas First Lady & possible candidate for President of The United States Hillary Clinton took to Fox News as part of her book tour. Most of her comments were about Benghazi & the arrest of a terrorist involved in the attack. Clinton also talked about Tahmooressi, the former Marine held by the corrupt Mexican Government under unjust gun charges. Clinton said, "I can tell you what I would be doing, burning up the telephone wires, sending envoys, not just our ambassador but others coming in, talking to the highest level Mexican officials, making it clear that this is really important to us," she said. This is how most Americans want Washington D.C. to fight for US Citizens held by corrupt regimes, but before people start wishing that Hillary were Secretary of State instead of John medalsoverthewhitehouse Kerry or POTUS instead of Obama, let's look at an incident the pro-Amnesty media wants us to forget.

In August 20, 2012, the Drug Cartel infested wasteland of Mexico charged former Marine Jon Hammar with carrying a deadly weapon and placed in a violent prison. Like Tahmooressi, Hammar was nearly killed by prisoners, had his life threatened for extortion, & was eventually chained to a bed. The "deadly weapon" was a 4/10 gauge that US customs officials had told Hammar would not be a problem & that Mexican Military officials admitted was not the type of weapon that Mexico's useless gun laws were meant to block. Due to pressure from conservative activist and members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, Jon Hammar was released back into civilization.

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State from January 1, 2009 to February 1, 2013, which means the Jon Hammar extortion attempt was on her watch. Did she "burn up the telephone wires"? Were envoys sent? Was it made clear that this was really important to us? There are efforts shown to be done by US government officials such as Democrat Senator Bill Nelson of and U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, but according Olivia Hammar, mother of Jon Hammar, Hillary Clinton's State Department did absolutely nothing. Sadly, Hillary and the rest of the politicians in Washington D.C. are doing nothing about the Americans suffering from the corruption of Mexico.


A Conservative radio host who was honest about illegal immigration and conveniently fired from his job at KARN News Radio before the Arkansas May 20th Primary, is now on 96.5 FM The Voice. He's been on for awhile, but I just forgot to mention that Dave Elswick is broadcasting again. 96.5 The voice is on Tunein Radio, so you can listen to him via the internet. I'm listening to him right now while watching a DVR of The World Cup.


Texas is being forced to secure the border that Washington D.C. won't secure. Details here.