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WCOA-FM becomes WJTQ-FM; switches to new programming format

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By the morning of Friday, February 28th, the radio station formerly known as WCOA-FM (100.7; licensed to Pensacola, Florida) had adopted the call letters WJTQ and switched from their former regular programming format of news and discussions to a loop that lasted for hours (there was a brief break between 8:00 a.m. and 8:35 a.m. that lasted until sometime before 8:45 a.m., during which there was no programming at all) with various sounds evoking basketball (including dribbling and netting) and football (including tackling) along with the voice of an announcer saying, "Join us at 10:07 this morning for Pensacola's new favorite station, WJTQ Pensacola". Afterwards they started broadcasting sounds evoking a rocket launch (such as the sound of a person saying, "Roger that, we are heading at 1-0-0.7") along with clips of various musical performers speaking and clips of various songs as part of their introduction to a new regular programming format that would consist primarily of "classic hits" music under the brand name "Jet 100.7" (an announcer said, "Welcome to the new Jet 100.7" at the end of the introduction before the station's new regular programming format began).

You may learn more about their new format by visiting their official Facebook page or their official World Wide Web site (WJTQ-FM's former Facebook page from the time they were WCOA-FM is still available as of this writing).

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