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WCIU’s Green Screen Adventures Visit Bethune Elementary School

The Green Screen Adventures Team
The Green Screen Adventures Team
Photo Courtesy Of Weigel Broadcasting

“I love that the Green Screen Adventures tell true stories about young children,” says Kendra O’neal an 11 year old student at Bethune Elementary. The North Lawndale Community Newspaper's Journalism class at Bethune Elementary school which is sponsored by the McCormick Foundation had the honor of inviting and welcoming the Green Screen Adventures team to their Journalism class. Gail Sikevitz and Cicely Cuteal gave the youth of Bethune Elementary a great presentation on what Green Screen Adventures are all about and why it is important for the youth throughout the nation to write and submit their stories.

Ricky Lee, a 13 year old artist at Bethune Elementary says “I can’t wait to submit my art work to the Green Screen Adventures, I know that it will tell a story and help someone.” The Green Screen Adventures venue involves helping the youth tell their stories so that the youth who are tuned in to the station can cope better with life’s situations. Kyra Macon a 14 year old student of Bethune Elementary School On The West side of Chicago plans to submit her ideas of stopping the violence within her community so that children are able to enjoy themselves within her community with out being subjected to gun violence.

The Green Screens motto is “We make your stories com alive,” and each time that a child submits their story, it becomes an up close and personal experience that changes the mindset of a child who thought that everything around them was crumbling because of something that went wrong in their lives. The Green Screens mission is to turn that child’s frown into a smile by teaching each child that they can over come all challenges. Kendall Morrissette, a 13 year old student at Bethune Elementary says, “When I began to watch the Green Screen Adventures, I thought that I was a little to old for it but as I continued to watch I saw how important it was because they were all true stories.” Director of Educational Programs Gail Sikevitz and her Assistant Cicely Cuteal invites any child who is in the 2nd thru 8th grade to submit their reports, poems, or stories to Green Screen Adventures in order for their great talents/stories to be acted out by way of sketch comedy, puppetry, story theatre, or game show by the Green Screen Adventures team.

For more information about submitting your work contact Gail Sikevitz at 312- 705-2639 or 847-962-4131 or just email gail at to submit your idea today. Log on to the Green Screen Adventures website at http:// for more information, and see what this exciting journey is all about.

Green Screen Adventures airtimes:

WCIU The U: Saturdays at 7AM

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Saturdays at 9AM

Me TV: Sundays 7AM-10AM

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