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Ways to Save Money Now!

Save money with your mobile apps
Save money with your mobile apps
Photo by Justin Sullivan

We all wish we could save a little extra money now and then. Luckily we live in the age of technology and there is an App for that. As a working mom, I know that there are times when I am running late and I don't have my handy paper coupons with me. Don't worry there are a few choice app's out there that provide you with mobile coupons that are sure to save you money.

  1. GeoQpons: This mobile app uses your gps to find local deals near you. There are many participating local stores and restaurants that participate. Be sure to click the link to read the fine print.
  2. Loyal Blocks: This mobile app rewards you for frequent uses of local shops and merchants. This app also can use your gps to find local deals like 5% off hypnosis in the Twin Cities.
  3. Groupon: This popular site saves you money on everything from cleaning services to worldwide vacations.
  4. RetailMeNot: This app does a great job of searching for local online coupons to save you money.
  5. Target: If you haven't signed up for Targets Cartwheel app yet, be sure to do so. This app can save you time and money. You can search deals before you leave your home and put items you need in your cart and with a touch of a button save money.
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