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Ways to reduce stress

Life can be stressful depending on how involved is your work or the size of your family. Worries about finances and healthcare and providing for elderly parents can be part of the stress.

Some ways to reduce stress include:

  1. Take a walk each day or have a regular exercise program
  2. Put on a pedometer and increase your steps each day
  3. Eat a healthy diet composed mainly of veggies and fruits, and some good protein. Try to eat mainly whole foods. Avoid processed food
  4. Take a nap each day. If that is not possible, close your office door and do meditation for ten minutes
  5. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
  6. Maintain healthy habits, ie. Proper hygiene, adequate good sleep, some recreation each day, time alone daily to do whatever, time for a hobby
  7. Avoid too much TV

If anger is a problem, take an anger management course.

If time management presets difficulties, read a book on the topic or discuss with a friend

Have a few good friends. Keep in touch with extended family. If married, pay attention to ways to enhance married life or supporting your partner.

Plan a vacation yearly or plan several long week-ends away.

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