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Ways to license your dog in Louisville, Kentucky

Get your dog's license today because dog tags aren't just accessories.
Get your dog's license today because dog tags aren't just accessories.
Threesia Goff

Being a dog owner means you are completely responsible for your dog's well-being. Providing them with food, water, grooming, love, and attention is just the beginning. You also have to provide preventive care like flea and tick protection, and protection from heartworms. Then, there is your dog's basic veterinary care need, which includes yearly rabies shots along with several other shots, and a full checkup. Additionally, in many states you have to license your pet. This is what you need to know about licensing your dog in Louisville, Kentucky, and the ways you can pay for the license.

What is dog licensing?

In Kentucky, each dog must be licensed in the city it resides in. Think of it as a dog tax because that's the best way to understand it. When you register your dog with the city, you are claiming ownership, and claiming responsibility for that dog. In Louisville, Kentucky all dogs must be licensed once they turn four-months-old, and must have received their rabies shot. If your dog hasn't been spayed or neutered, it will cost you $50 to licensee him/her. If your dog has been altered it will cost you just $9 for a one-year license. Senior citizens that have altered dogs can license two dogs for $4.50 each.

Ways to pay for the license

There are several ways to pay for your dog's license. You can visit the Animal Care Center at 3705 Manslick Road, Louisville, KY 40215 to pay and pick up your tag. Also, you can printout and mail in an application for a license, but you will need to add an additional .50 cent fee to your check or money order for postage. Send your application to Metro Animal Services License Collection Office P.O. Box 16346 Louisville, KY 40256. Lastly, you can apply for your dog's license online by visiting There is also an extra .50 charge to pay for the license online.

Licensing your dog may not seem important, but it is the law, and it can be useful. If your dog gets lost and is wearing its licensing tag, it will be easier for you to recover your pet. Be sure to license your dog right away if you haven't already done so.


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