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Ways to have hot winter sex

'Tis the season for winter jackets and burly sweatpants...not lingerie or g-strings.  Most people let their sex life dwindle during the cold months due to the frigid air.  During the winter months is also when the most cases of Seasonal Depression occur.  From previous articles, we all should know that sex actually helps with depression and lifts us out of a bad mood.  So no matter how cold it is outside, heat up your sex life with these tricks. 

Women-Love your bodies: According to a study published in the Journal Perception, guys actually find women sexier in the wintertime.  In the summer, they see so much skin on women, they become more critical of a girls body. But in the winter, when women aren't showing off their toned arms and abs, men become more accepting of different body types and more likely to overlook flaws.  Still not convinced? Most men find it alluring and sexy to have a women cover up-it leaves more to their imagination.  Under your sweatpants and sweat shirt put on a sexy pair of bra and panties.  Wearing something raunchy underneath your normal winter clothes will not only make you feel more sexy, when your guy see it's it, he'll be more turned on at the thought of you secretly wearing that all day.

Take a hot shower or bath: Where can couples go wrong with this?  Steam up the shower or make a nice romantic bath for the two of you-this not only will warm you both up but you can still get wet and wild in the winter time. 

Turn up the sexual heat: According to Dr. Yvonne Fulbright, warm sensations bring the blood to the skin's surface, increasing sensitivity.  She suggests blowing hot air over the thinnest part of our partners body, such as their neck, ears, inner things, scrotum or nipples.  Another suggestion-keep a mug of warm tea on the bedside table and before he or she goes on you, swish some around your mouth.  Sex stores, like Too Timid on Newbury Street also sell heat-activated lube which you can rub on each other's shoulders, back, bum, or genitals. 

Be more intimate during sex: Rather than trying sex positions you've read in the Kama Sutra, try a few positions that encourage coziness.  For example-have the female lie on her side while the male spoons her, or while the woman is stomach-down, have the man lie flat on top of her and enter from behind. Also, sex therapist Lou Paget says for the female to get her breasts in on the action.  She states that "Breasts are made of glandular tissue, so they can generate heat when they're stimulated and pressed against warm skin." 

So there you have it- easy ways to stay warm and frisky throughout this cold season.