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Ways to experience happiness faster: part 3 of 6 - Change your point of view about the Joneses

Thy name is Envy. If you chase the Joneses...
Thy name is Envy. If you chase the Joneses...

Change your point of view: Do you really need to have what the Joneses have to feel happiness? In this part 3 of 6 we will discuss Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Everybody knows them and everybody wants to be who they are and have what they got. They have the latest greatest toys. From a new home in a lovely community to the new Apple iPad. You want it and they got it all, but do you really need all that to be happy?

We often associate our satisfaction in our lives by comparing what we have to those who have much more than we do. If you try to keep up with the Joneses it's much more difficult to stay happy with your place in life than if you are constantly reminded of how much you have in comparison to those less fortunate than you. One quick and simple way to turn your mood around is to change your expectations from what you don't have to how much you already have. There will always be people who have more than you in one area of life or another, but there are many more who have a lot less than you do. Change the way you view what you have or don't have and you will feel much more happiness in your life. A very simple way to do this is to watch your local news and take note of all of the tragedies and losses people not only in third world countries but right here at home are suffering more than you are at this moment. Keep this in your mind the next time Mr. and Mrs. Joneses rub their new toys in your face and it won't sting quite so much. Besides, do you really think under all those things that Mr. and Mrs. Jones don't have problems too?  Look at it this way all those material possessions have to be filling some kind of empty void, and it has been said time and time again in many different ways... Money might buy you momentary happiness, but theirs always gonna be something bigger and better come onto the market tomorrow.