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Ways to experience happiness faster: Part 2 of 6 - Laughter is good medicine

Laugh out loud!!!
Laugh out loud!!!

In this part 2 of 6 ways to get your happiness quick fix the healthy way. The old saying, "Laughter is good medicine" rings in more true than ever.

It has long been a scientific fact that laughter even when forced brightens your mood.  this little short cut to happiness can be achieved in many simple ways. Here are a few ideas on how to make yourself laugh even if you don't have the greatest sense of humor.

  • Rent a comedy from Red Box..(It's only $1 plus tax a night)
  • Watch funny TV shows such as: "America's Funniest Home videos" or "Everybody Love Raymond"
  • Pause for a moment and remember something funny from your past
  • Dig out that old photo album or scrap book to remind you of "the good old days"
  • Read the comics in your local paper, or go see a comedy show
  • Google jokes on line to read for a laugh
  • And finally the tried and true way to make your self laugh when nothing else works... Just laugh at nothing at all. Tip your head back and laugh for no reason...

Have fun with it. Laughter really is good medicine. It is a proven fact that even just thinking about laughter will lighten your mood.  There are so many ways to bring up a good laugh, so try them all.


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