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Ways to encourage your child to enjoy writing

Every child will have a time in their lives where they are simply just not good at something. Everyone reaches this point in their lives where they've found an obstacle course and need creative ways to get through. As a parent, it's difficult to see your child simply not excelling in an area. This can lead to huge self-esteem issues for the child and ton of worry for the parent. Instead of instantly getting upset, there are ways you can creatively help your child. Writing, is a great example for kids who need help thinking creatively and or practicing proper grammar and/or handwriting. Below are some fun, creative ways, to encourage your child with their writing.

  • Create a journal that they can write entries in every night. This is a laid back way to have them writing continuously and about whatever they want to write about. This is a sure way to have writing seem more fun and less of a chore.
  • Are you a blogger? Have your child contribute to the blog! They can write a movie review and ways to beat a video game. This way, they are using their writing skills to explain and present in their own way.
  • Writing games! You could start a story in a notebook and have the child extend the story. This is not only a fun way to write, it's also an awesome activity you and your child can share together.

Don't be discouraged when you see your child struggling. Working parents deal with a ton of parent guilt but be assured, all children will struggle with something! Enjoy helping your child grow into enjoying writing. It's a skill they'll need forever!

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