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Ways to conquer the cold and flu season

Fluzone pamphlet
Fluzone pamphlet
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With the cold and flu season in full swing, there are a few easy remedies that could be very beneficial to you if it hits you. I have put together a list of helpful remedies that are simple and low cost to make. Certainly, as with any illness of concern, see your doctor.

Popsicles> Popsicles can soothe a swollen and sore throat. They can also help keep you hydrated. A good popsicle to get the most benefit out of should be made from 100% fruit juice, this will ensure that you will get the vital nutrients that you need to promote healing and not just sugar and water.

Turkey sandwich>Turkey is full of good lean protein that is essential to ensuring to keep nutrition level up. Even though you may not feel like eating when you have the flu, eating helps to keep energy level up while fighting the illness.

Veggie juice> In the case that you do not feel like eating, drinking a glass of low-sodium vegetable juice will suffice. If you prefer a sweet drink, a glass of 100% fruit juice works well also.

Chicken soup>There is nothing like a good old fashioned bowl of chicken soup. While it is nourishing and keeps the body hydrated, there is also evidence that it could promote healing and have a mild anti-inflammatory effect. If you get a cold or the flu grab a nice hot bowl of chicken soup, your body will thank you.

Toast> Toast or crackers is a convenient food when you have a cold or flu in that either one can take the edge off hunger (even if you don't feel hungry) when you are ill and your stomach can't handle much. When coupled with a nice hot bowl of chicken soup, that is a winning combination for good health.

source: webmd

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