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Ways to change the 'Pokemon' series forever

Although “Pokemon X & Y” are arguably the coolest and deepest games in the heralded series, there’s still plenty that could be done moving forward to ensure the continued development of the franchise. With two revamped versions of Pokemon on the way this fall, we examine several elements of the “Pokemon X & Y” games that could be tweaked not only in the Ruby and Sapphire remakes, but in future games as well.

Ways to change the 'Pokemon' series forever

Use DNA Splicers to Create New Eevees: The splicers are awesome, but have zero functionality away from their use with Reshiram , Zekrom and Kyurem. Although the addition of a fairy-type Eevee has given the species more staying power than they have in year’s past, being able to have a two-type Eevee would be too cool an option to ignore. With nine different versions already, there would be a cool amount of criss-crossing and fun to be had and brand new Pokemon to add to the Pokedex. To make it even cooler, the splicer would only work on two different forms of Eevee if they were on level 100.

Use Genesect’s Drives to Power Up Pokemon: The heralded single type Pokemon could use some more power and when combined with one of Genesect’s drives, could create some cool opportunities. Imagine, Raichu powered up with the Shock Drive? Or Arcanine with the Burn Drive, or even Avalugg with the Chill Drive? Cool wouldn’t be the word.

Stop Static World: After you beat Pokemon, the world basically stops. Although you can fight certain trainers again, most of the NPCs just worship the ground you walk on. Why not let all of the NPCs level up and learn from you after the battle? Like the Elder Scrolls games, seeing other trainers level up with you would give the game even more playability than it already has.

More Fetch Quests like the Looker Missions: After beating Pokemon X & Y, the Looker missions were a fun distraction. Adding a few more post-game would keep the game fresher for longer and would add more personality to a world that sometimes feels stale.

Allow Traveling to Old Regions: The new editions of Ruby and Sapphire will be in 3D so why not allow those who have beaten X and Y to take their Pokemon and travel there, rather than start from scratch? The best part of the series is the attachment formed by the trainer and his Pokemon and having to start all over before eventually trading his old pocket monsters to the new game is an old hassle that should be done away with.

More Moves and Abilities Unique to Single Pokemon: Far too often it feels like certain Pokemon types are relegated to specific move sets and lack a single move that makes them unique. Like the world of professional wrestling, it’s hard for someone to stand out unless they have a cool look or a single move that only they can do. Giving more Pokemon their own move or ability, which only they could learn or have access to, would give more of them a way to stand out and be used by more gamers.

Reward Gamers In-Game for Milestones: The Shiny Charm is a great reward for those who completed the Pokedex, but what about those who have bred over 100 Pokemon? Or those who have trained countless Pokemon to level 100? Giving players unique items for other cool milestones again would keep gamers playing longer.

Allow HMs to be Deleted By the Trainer: Another old annoyance that should be taken care of. Although you can go to the Move Deleter, why can’t a trainer learn how to do the trick himself after he beats the Move Deleter in a battle?

Have Mega Stones for Weaker Pokemon: While it’s cool that Garchomp and Mewtwo have mega evolutions, why can’t Butterfree or Dunsparce have mega stones evolutions that would give them the ability to stand tall against stronger foes? Although there are plenty of matchup options already in the series, allowing some of the over-looked pocket monsters to have a way to thrive would be fun too.

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