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Ways to celebrate Leap Year on DVD

Get Your Calendars Out for Leap Year
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Happy Leap Year, for those of you choosing to celebrate this year.

Leap Year: This wild romantic comedy finds a woman (Amy Adams) travelling through Ireland to get to her boyfriend (Adam Scott) before Leap Day is over due to an Irish tradition that allows for it to be acceptable that a woman proposes marriage to a man on this one day of the year. While some may scratch their heads at the antics Adams' Anna gets herself involved in with her guide Declan (Matthew Goode), it is a pretty neat premise based on actual legend.

The Pirates of Penzance: This classic Gilbert and Sullivan musical is in part about a sixteen year-old mean born on Leap Day, who has only celebrated his birthday four times and therefore believes he is four. This musical is fun and safe for the entire family to enjoy. The edition recommended here is from 1983, starring Kevin Kline as the devilishly entertaining General King.

Also check out NBC's website to stream episodes of 30 Rock ("Leap Day" featuring guest stars Jim Carrey and James Marsden) and Parks and Recreation ("Sweet Sixteen," another Leap Day recommendation featuring Adam Scott) that were produced this year honoring the holiday.

A final idea would be to watch movies and TV shows starring actors that were born on Leap Year. This distinguished list includes: Dennis Farina (Manhunter), Alex Rocco (The Wedding Planner), Antonio Sabato Jr. (Melrose Place) and rapper/ New York native Ja Rule (The Fast and the Furious)


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