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Ways to avoid pink slime in Las Vegas meat

Pink slime is an infamous term that garners media attention from time to time when people find out they have been eating it without knowing it. It is essentially processed meat trash that has been blended, sent through a centrifuge and often sprayed with chemicals.

This sneaky substance can appear in unsavory meals or even masquerade in the meat section at the grocery store. Here are some tips you can use to avoid feeding your family pink slime.

Avoid pre-packaged ground beef.

Pre-packaged ground meat sold at the grocery store has a high likelihood of pink slime. It is best to keep away from the ground beef planks that show up at the store pre-wrapped and at least opt for the beef that was ground in-store.

Go to a butcher.

At the butcher, you can have meat pieces processed into ground beef right in front of you. This virtually eliminates the chances that you will have pink slime in your meat. You don't have to go to a new butcher; simply strike up a conversation with the man behind the meat counter for once. Talk to the butcher about the type of cut - usually chuck or round - and fat percentage that is best for the type of ground beef you need in your dish.

Buy things at a reputable grocery store.

Las Vegas has a large number of chain and independent grocery stores that cater to different crowds. If truly pure meat is important to you, opt for a grocery store that makes meat a specialty.

Make lunch at home.

Most fast food chains in Las Vegas, like McDonald's and Taco Bell, have stopped using pink slime in their foods, but it still appears in the meat used in school lunches. If you want your kids to avoid eating pink slime at school, make an at-home lunch on the days the cafeteria serves meat-based lunches or take the kids for an off-campus lunch.


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