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Ways on how to knock out pain through stretching

Stretch Zone® spoke with our health Examiner sharing their amazing crusade to get people’s lives back into balance. Gold believes the body was created to protect us and when the body works properly, it helps individuals stay healthy, focused and energetic. Stretch Zone mission is to teach others how stretching can help manage the body's response along with the way they look and feel. Here is an amazing interview on how Stretch Zone is improving people’s health, appearance and the way they feel. This interview has just been released today to the public and Manalapan health Examiner is here to share it exclusively with you.

used with permission by StretchZone
used with permission from StretchZone

Stacey: What is StretchZone?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Stretch Zone™, Inc. is the world’s leading source and educator for today’s advanced practitioner-assisted stretching. Built to provide performance enhancement modalities for health practitioners, massage therapists, trainers and athletes alike, Stretch Zone™ Method® is a proven course of innovative stretching techniques. By literally “stretching back the years,” the Stretch Zone™ Method® delivers a significant incredible impact on the overall health, injury prevention and recovery of athletes and patients alike.

Stacey: What is your company’s overview/mission?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Mr. Gold (The founder): Our mission at Stretch Zone® is to introduce the world to the wonderful benefits of practitioner-assisted stretching. At Stretch Zone®, we are constantly seeking to increase the profile and awareness of practitioner-assisted stretching and its remarkable role in physical conditioning. We frequently offer workshops, and other demonstrative events to promote this incredible fitness revolution and help teach people how to “Stretch Back the Years®.

Stacey: What differentiates the Stretch Zone method from traditional stretching?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Rather than pulling on your limbs to the point of soreness, Stretch Zone® works through the nervous system to achieve lasting flexibility gains. The method rests on the notion that manipulating our muscle’s nervous energy is a major key to unlocking our body’s functional flexibility. Stretch Zone® is The Next Generation of Stretching.

Stacey: Is there any equipment utilized by you all at STRETCHZONE?

Mr. Gold (The founder): This proprietary program of stretching uses a patent pending strapping system, together with specific protocols to work with the muscle tonus (muscle’s nervous tension) in a scientific way to achieve an optimal active range of motion. The Stretch Zone® Conversion Kit takes stabilization to a completely new level

Stacey: Please explain the STRETCHZONE Method?

Mr. Gold (The founder): The practitioner systematically positions, stabilizes, isolates and stretches your muscles using comfortable straps and adjusts them based on body part throughout the session. The straps work to stabilize the limb or part of body that the practitioner is not working on, thus allowing the stretched muscle and the person on the table to completely relax.

Stacey: Why do you need to be strapped in?

Mr. Gold (The founder): The straps work to stabilize your limbs or part of the body that the practitioner is not working on, so that the stretched muscle – and you – can relax. That way, the practitioner is able to control your body’s nervous tension and slowly bring the muscles past their current range of motion and back to neutral tension before your “stretch reflex” – the body’s automatic defense against the dangers of overstretching – fires.

Stacey: Name some direct benefits of the STRETCHZONE method:

Mr. Gold (The founder): Benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Increasing and maintaining range of motion
  • Enhancing physical and athletic skills
  • Increasing muscle relaxation
  • Relieving stiffness and soreness
  • Feeling lighting and younger

Stacey: Does stretching help with exercise and sports?

Mr. Gold (The founder): The Stretch Zone has enjoyed helping many pro-athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, & ATP reach their athletic best. Sports celebrities from the U.S. Open Champion to the NFL's Most Valuable Player to the IBF Lightweight Champion of the world have entered Stretch Zone. The SZM® can assist the athlete and coach with all three phases of conditioning (General Training Phase, Preparatory/Competitive Phase & Recovery Phase). The Stretch Zone's method of practitioner assisted stretching has the ability to accelerate recovery from workouts or competition, increase work capacity and enhance physical performance. The athlete will develop greater body awareness, a greater fluid movement pattern, thereby generating more power through a symmetrical use of muscle groups that are not affected by habitual compensatory muscle shift. With a balanced system, the athlete will reach their true maximum potential. Armed with a systematic approach to training, the SZM ® is best able to help an athlete be fully prepared for competition, as well to recover both mentally and physically after. Athletes who are introduced to the SZM ® learn to sense their bodies, resulting in a greater assessment of the state of their muscles and injuries. This awareness aids in developing a greater sense of control and confidence, ultimately determining peak performance.

Stacey: How does stretching prevent aging?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Most people are not fully aware of their slow and steady loss of flexibility. Starting around thirty (30) something, you lose flexibility at an average rate of 1% a year. It doesn’t take many years until the cumulative loss of flexibility ages you. As we age, our muscles become increasingly inelastic. The elastin/collagen ratio changes favor of collagen or scar tissue. When unwilling to adhere to a proper stretching program, one slowly develops into an involuntary contracted machine. The cumulative repetition of strains and micro-stresses compounded over time can cause the muscle cells to become “glued together.” Collagen is spun by the fibroblast muscle cells to heal injured muscle tissue making the muscle shorter. This “glue” or scar tissue tightens the surrounding tissue and inhibits our range of motion. The isolating of individual muscles within a muscle group breaks up the glue and unwraps the strangle hold that one’s own body has on their posture and valuable energy. This restores free movement and balance back to the body. With proper stretching, you slow down the aging process and even grow younger by improving posture, circulation and range of movement

Stacey: How long do health improvements last from stretching?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Well that depends, with traditional (static long held) stretching, studies show that the elastic gains from stretching only last for about 15 minutes following the stretch. After that time, the temporary elastic improvement moves back to its baseline. Additionally, muscle length does not necessarily change despite what the word “stretch” implies. Yes, the muscle lengthens as it stretches, but at the same time the stretched muscle temporary lengthens, its opposing muscle shortens. When that stretch is released, both muscles move back to equilibrium.

Stacey: What happens when you avoid stretch reflex?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Well, current research shows that when avoiding the stretch reflex, your muscles can lengthen to 160% of their resting length instant.

Stacey: What do you think about other stretching methodologies?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Most stretching methodologies either tries to out wait, overpower, or just ignores the stretch reflex where measurable gains are slow or unattainable. Muscle strains, formation of scar tissue and loss of coordination are just a few of the adverse effects when stretching unscientifically.

Stacey: Where do you see the alternative health movement heading?

Mr. Gold (The founder): We are leading the way in creating a new vertical in health and wellness. Practitioner assisted stretching will be astand alone modality – just as massage, Pilates, and yoga.
Stacey: In your words, what is the difference between stretching and massaging?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Unlike being massaged, stretching has no need for disrobing or draping. Also, an overwhelming majority of men have no issue participating in stretching. Stretching is less intimate and more athletic, so it attracts naturally amen. Most importantly, massages stimulate the superficial muscles, whereas the important deep postural muscles (also known as the psoas) can easily be stimulated via stretching. The benefits from a massage last momentarily – while being properly stretched can last for days.

Stacey: Do I have to work out in order to be stretched?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Actually, NO. We are in the seated position 51% of our waking hours, and this is referred to as the “sitting disease.” A lot of Lower back pain can be caused by simply sitting at a computer at work. When you stand up, the shortened hip flexors will pull your torso forward. Because your mind wants your eye-level to be horizontal with the ground, your nervous system involuntarily contracts your lumbar erectors to keep your posture straight. That means your lower back has to stay tense in an isometric contraction all of the time that you’re standing straight. A tense muscle is a working muscle causing you pain and energy. Stretching your lower back is not going to mitigate your lower back stiffness for long. By stretching and lengthening, your opposing short hip flexors will allow your lower back to come out of its isometric contradiction and finally relax.

Stacey: What celebrities have you stretched at STRETCHZONE?

Mr. Gold (The founder): STRETCHZONE has become the resource for improving performance in both athletic and entertainment industries including musician Lenny Kravitz, George Hamilton, pro athletes from the ATP, MLB, NBA, and NFL including Chris Carter, Marshall Faulk, and legendary Hall of Famer Jim Brown as well as the partnerships with NBA and NFL teams.

Stacey: How does one become STRETCHZONE certified (a practitioner)?

Mr. Gold (The founder): The Stretch Zone Workshop, a practitioner certification course of complete stand-alone, state-of-the-art performance enhancement modalities, was created for select massage therapists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and other bodywork modalities. The workshop provides in-house or on-site training and support for those using Stretch Zone methods, skills and procedures, so that they may proficiently offer the service to their clients. The practitioners each receive supporting documentation, manual, protocols and continuing education credits. The full educational line includes two levels of training: 24 hours of continuing education for massage therapists only and 50 total hours to become a Stretch Zone practitioner. This new skill set will not only help increase business, but also prolong a practitioner’s years of work because of its mechanical advantage that helps to prevent repetitive use injuries and also differentiating them from their competition.

Stacey: Where can people go to get more information on STRETCHZONE?

Mr. Gold (The founder): Please visit – also, please check out on social media:
Instagram: stretchzone
Twitter: StretchZoneInc

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