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Ways for busy women and moms to build healthy soul indulging daily habits

Mothers exercise during a Power pramming class
(Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

Are you juggling kids, career, and daily errands and it looks like an endless list of to-dos? Estelle Shaw, fitness guru, celebrity trainer, and creator of Fitness flower, believes that your inner goddess needs to be pampered on a daily basis; otherwise you run the risk of feeling depleted and stressed.

Fitness Flower is a collection of fitness products designed to help women get into shape without adding to their to-do list or overloading an already busy schedule. Oops! You might be thinking, how can this be done?

The line consisting of Bathroom Begonia and Office Orchid, incorporates movements to help build and maintain strength and health into your existing tasks, for example while brushing your teeth or sitting at your desk.

Here are the tips that Fitness guru, busy mom and Fitness Flower creator, Estelle Shaw offer for integrating wellness into your daily schedule:

Be Grateful - Studies have shown that people that show gratitude are least likely to experience depression and have an easier time managing the ups and downs of life. Take a minute every day to focus on the positive and give thanks.

Take a Walk - Not only is it good for you physically, walking can also elevate your mood and get you back to center fast! Even a stroll for 15 minutes a day can do wonders.

Indulge in a Book - When is the last time to fell in love with a character in a book? Not only can reading take our minds off of immediate stress and pressure it can help maintain healthy cognitive functions; one of the first things to go when under stress.

Savor a Yummy Treat - Both dark chocolate and red wine contain a healthy amount of Resveratrol which is believed to be stave off cancer and heart disease, contribute to longevity and boost your metabolism. Can you say fountain of youth?! Go ahead and have a glass of Malbec or nibble on a piece of the darkest chocolate you can find- it’s actually good for you!

Say No - Yes, it’s true. You may be feeling overextended because you say yes too much. Knowing your limits is key to preserving a healthy mental state. And don’t worry, you’re not being mean; saying no is good for others too----how else are they supposed to know your boundaries if you don’t?

Pamper your inner goddess on a daily basis, soul indulging habits to make you feel and look your best every day.

Estelle Shaw is a fitness and wellness expert, mom of two, and the founder of Fitness Flower, a collection of fitness products designed to help women get into shape without adding to their “to do” list or overloading an already busy schedule. “I’m passionate about helping women focus on health and wellness without asking them to devote precious time exclusively to exercise.”—Estelle Shaw.

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