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Ways business can encourage employee particpation in the MLK Day of Service

To commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,'s birthday, which is actually on January 17th, the nation has turned the holiday into a Day of Service. Instead of simply getting a day off, workers should honor the legacy of Dr. King, by dedicating their free time to the noble cause of serving others.

Many large corporations can afford to give their employee this national holiday, and hopefully the paid day off encourages them to work on community projects or volunteer their services.

Often smaller businesses may not be able to afford giving employees a paid holiday or even the day off, but there are many ways in which everyone can encourage participation in the MLK Day of Service.

Larger companies with multiple offices and location can sponsor a company wide Day of Service. They can set up a partnership with organizations and ask their employees to volunteer at a local soup kitchen, community center or church sponsored event. Employees that participate in these corporate sponsored events on the MLK Day of Service can receive another day off at some point in time.

If the company is able, they can let employees pick their own event or choose from multiple company listed events, and grant them a floating holiday as added incentive.

Some smaller organizations can do the same with listing organizations and events that they wish to support and encourage their team to participate as a group; although they may not be able to give any extra incentive. Restaurants may have their employees that are off, volunteer to cook a meal at a soup kitchen, or a business may volunteer as a group to help serve the meal.

Another way smaller businesses can encourage participation is by having an event at your location. Businesses can sponsor and organize a coat drive or collect canned goods for a food bank. This can let employees working still participate and those that are off may volunteer to help out for the day.

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