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Way's to tell you're too good for him

It happens all the time. You're head over heels, or Converse’s, for a person who is far beneath you. None of your friends get it, your parents think you have a screw lose yet you are in la la land.
People often say things like:
"I don't get how you two are together."
"And, what exactly do you have in common?"
As well as:
"Wait, he's your boyfriend?"
You scratch your head in puzzlement as you wonder why people are so perplexed about your personal life. 
For starters: if he is done with school and working at the corner Shell station because he wants’ to find himself, take note. The only thing he’s going to find is a shipment of Twinkies every Friday night that he has to shelf. 
He doesn't know what he wants to do with his life, and is one semester from completing school. It's okay to not know where life will take you, but to have no direction or desire to pursue a career in the degree he's working towards is a big question mark.
He has dated several of your best friends and flirts with your other friends in front of you. Well, you can rule out gay. He clearly loves women, but he doesn't love you. He appreciates your female embodiment just not enough to only date you and leave your friends behind. Sorry sister, there is a man out there who won't even notice your friends; it's just not this guy. 
He relies on his parents for everything: still. Calling to ask mom about a family recipe is one thing. Calling home because he doesn't understand why his credit card bill is in his name is another. 
If he doesn't know how to pay a bill, odds are he won't know how to pay for dinner if you were ever to go on a date together. Do yourself a favor; date someone who is paying their own bills. 
He spends all his paychecks on video games. The only time he actually saves is when he realizes his Xbox broke and needs a new one.
When looking through the paper for a movie to go see, he claims it's a toss up between The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Fame.
He constantly has women flourishing his Facebook and phone. Clearly he did not take the time to make it known to friends and family he is exclusive with someone, therefore you’re not a priority. Yes, you may have made it a point to put “in a relationship” on your profile as well as told everyone about him, but he didn't: move on.
You're too good for him, just admit it. Doesn’t it feel good to say that out loud? 

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