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‘Way Out West’ presents the Youren, Bullock and Korell families on Tru-TV

The Way Out West families Korells, Bullocks and Yourens
The Way Out West families Korells, Bullocks and Yourens
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On tonight’s episode of “Way Out West,” Tru-TV introduced viewers to three families from Idaho who run rival outfitting businesses. Meet the Youren, Bullock and Korell families, who are sure to give you a few laughs as they do their thing in the wilderness, while competing against each other as their families have done for over a century.

The episode begins on the Korell Ranch, when Cody returns home from hunting, to his two boys, Nessen and Layden, who run to his arms with his wife Dali.

At the Youren home, Harry is having a problem with a tooth, and Kidd suggests they let him pull it out. As the guys argue over who should pull the tooth, Kidd’s wife, Kelsey suggests she pull it out, which sounds like a better idea than having the guys do it. Kelsey explains that they are miles from civilization, and must take care of themselves; including home dentistry. As Harry lays across the kitchen table, the guys hold his legs, and sterilize the extraction tool with some kind of alcoholic beverage. She pulled it out, in one shot and hopefully the shot of whiskey he took after the extraction does the trick.

In town, at the Dirty Shame Saloon, the three families met, at least those of drinking age. As they brag about their prowess in different subjects, they decide to hold a competition. The Yourens chose a chariot race; the Korells chose long-range shooting, and the Bullocks chose the wood chop.

At Matt’s house, he tells Harry and Kidd, he plans to breed their greyhound with a coyote. They found a coyote hit on the road, and took the pups in to raise as dogs. Amanda does not believe that this will work, but they believe they can get a super dog, that will run fast and kill anything. However, Amanda feels that the Youren brothers are more like kids than men.

At the other ranches, the guys are working on the construction of their chariots. When Matt returned home, Amanda presented him with another chunk bitten out of their furniture from the coyotes. She is fed up with those animals and wants them gone. Matt promised he would do something, but what? While in the kitchen, their roast chicken dinner Amanda prepared was suddenly attacked by the coyotes and totally destroyed, along with a bottle of wine and lots of broken dishes. Matt saw firsthand, what Amanda goes through.

The day of the challenge came, and they would settle it once and for all, just who was the best outfitters in Idaho. They found the right person to judge, a man who hates everyone equally. The chariots or whatever they can be called were ready to be pulled by a horse. They must stay on the track and the rider must remain in the chariot. The winners were the Bullocks, then the Yourens and lastly the Korells, but the Bullocks cheated, so the Yourens were declared the winners.

The next challenge was long-range shooting. They had to climb a small hill and rush to their gun that was already setup, then shoot their target that would blow up with red smoke. The Bullocks won this one hands down. Next challenge was the log chop, and to make it more interesting; they lit them on fire, the guys did not care if their eyebrows were gone, they continued to chop, as more lighter fluid was sprayed on the logs. Finally, the Korells won this round, making it an all-around tie; just the way they like it.

When a small plane arrives, Chris and Cody meet their next clients. Just by the look of them, they know they are already drunk. So they use a plan that worked in the past; play golf to stall them until Chris returns. Chris went to find Trent and Travis Bullock to see if they can help them out. They expected three hunters, and when they arrived, there were six. Too bad the Bullocks were expecting clients the next day, so Chris had to ask the Yourens; the last resort.

When Chris arrived, the three Yourens were making a slip and slide from a wet tarp and a mud puddle. They were covered with mud when Chris asked them to help them out, but he told them to clean up before meeting with the clients. The Yourens have a few tricks up their sleeves that will come to pass on the next episode of “Way Out West.”

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