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‘Way Out West’ meets ‘The Don Juan of Idaho’ on Tru-TV

Harry Youren may have found true love on Way Out West
Photo courtesy of Tru-TV used with permission

On tonight’s episode of “Way Out West,” fans get to enjoy the antics of the three families from Idaho who run rival outfitting businesses; the Youren, Bullock and Korell families. They are sure to give you a few laughs as they do their thing in the wilderness, while competing against each other as their families have done for over a century.

The episode titled, “The Don Juan of Idaho” the Korells and Bullocks are busy rounding up and branding cattle for the land owner who allows them to hunt with their clients on their property.

When Kidd and Harry Youren return home they take off their muddy boots right near the living room, leaving a mess behind them. Kelsey wants to send Harry on a blind date so he will move out someday and have a family of his own. So they plan a double date and when Harry sees Casey, he is smitten.

While the four are on their date, the guys are still out on the range with the cattle. As they are at the table, Matt and Amanda show up to add to the awkwardness.

When they believe they are done with their task, the Bullocks and Korells are ready to hit the road, but they are six pair of cattle short, and it is getting late. They must hurry to find them, before dark, or they will lose their hunting rights for the next season. When they find the group, they know why they lagged behind; one calf was sick and his mother would not leave him, so the group stayed with them. They brought the jeep down and took the calf back to his mother.

At the bar, they played pool, danced and when it was time to say good night, Harry and Casey shared a few kisses, while Matt was yelling like a little kid on this episode of “Way Out West.”

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