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‘Way Out West’ is ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’ on Tru-TV

On Monday night’s episode of “Way Out West,” fans got to enjoy the antics of the three families from Idaho who run rival outfitting businesses; the Youren, Bullock and Korell families. They are sure to give you a few laughs as they do their thing in the wilderness, while competing against each other as their families have done for over a century.

The episode titled, “Bringing Home the Bacon” begins the Yourens are getting ready to take the Korell family’s overflow of guests outfitting, and hope by doing so, they can steal their customers.

On the Bullock ranch, Brenda loves animals, but Travis is not too keen on them. Kelsey Youren is coming over to meet with Brenda, and together they are going to a pig sale. Travis wants Kelsey to keep Brenda in check, so she does not buy too many pigs. She cannot resist the babies, that are just adorable.

As the Yourens arrive wearing new clothes and bringing a refrigerator for the beer, the Korells are shocked to see them and get a sense that they are trying to outdo them. When the Korells take three of the six guys with them, and send the other three with the Yourens, they are happy to join the Yourens as their experience begins. Will they be pleased at the end of the journey?

At the pig sale, the baby pigs are adorable. Brenda continues to buy the pigs, and looks for ones with a big butt and gets caught up in the bidding. When she returned, there were seven piglets in the trailer, and Travis already knew she would buy more than two. He knows they are cute, but all they do is eat and crap, so it will be another expense, but he loves Brenda.

The Yourens are off the beaten path for their hunting expedition, and the guys are loving being with them. When they return to the camp before the other group, they start drinking beer and the Yourens show how they open beer bottles with a chainsaw, to the delight of the group. They start to cook dinner for the group.

The Bullocks announce that it is bedtime, but the Yourens want to stay up and party. Finally, Chris slips away to get some sleep, so he is ready for the hunting in the morning. When Chris woke up, the Yourens were up and making breakfast, he was shocked that they could party all night and still be up before him. But the Yourens know that to keep these clients, the Korells will have to include their rivals again, as they loved every minute of being with them on this episode of “Way Out West.”

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