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‘Way Out West’ has ‘Trouble on the Lonesome Trail’ on Tru-TV

The Way Out West families Korells, Bullocks and Yourens
The Way Out West families Korells, Bullocks and Yourens
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

On last night’s episode of “Way Out West,” fans got to enjoy the antics of the three families from Idaho who run rival outfitting businesses; the Youren, Bullock and Korell families. They are sure to give you a few laughs as they do their thing in the wilderness, while competing against each other as their families have done for over a century.

The episode titled, “Trouble on the Lonesome Trail” brings the families together to work together; something they dread doing. However, in order to reach the back country, every winter their trail is destroyed by deep snow packs that thaw and wash out the trail. Trees get knocked down, rocks roll onto the trail and make it impassable. The Bullocks and the Korells are ready to clear the trail, and the Yourens are almost ready to join them. First, Harry tries to break a horse, but they have little time, so he asks Kelsey, Kidd Youren’s wife to work with him, but don’t try to ride him, because he is mean-spirited. She agrees, and the guys load up the backhoe and head for the trail.

The Bullocks are on horseback, and the Korells are on quads. The problem is, the horses are much slower than the quads, but the horses can go places where the quads cannot. As the Yourens are driving the backhoe up to the road, the thing gets stuck in the red clay mud.

As Kelsey is attempting to make friends with the horse, and doing a good job as the Youren girls watch her progress. Earlier, the horse would not let her near him, and now she can touch him. Suddenly, Kelsey loses her confidence, and Dali helps her. But Rome was not built in a day. So the women go out to the local watering hole, and Kelsey does well riding the mechanical bull, and gets her confidence back.

As the guys are making progress, the chainsaw snaps, and they did not bring another chain, so have to use hand tools. That evening at the campfire, they decide to blow up some of the trail to clear the road a bit.

Kelsey is getting on the horse as the girls look on. She now has a new friend, and the horse probably prefers girls anyway!

The next day the guys blow up the trail and do a great job. No more crosscut saws and hand tools for this gang.

When the guys arrive home, the horse is broken and Kelsey is riding him. Harry is thrilled and gets on the horse to find him tame, and a totally different horse than the one he left to clear the trail on this episode of “Way Out West.”

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