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‘Way Out West’ finds ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Wood Floors’

The Youren Family form Way Out West
The Youren Family form Way Out West
Photo courtesy of Tru-TV used with permission

On tonight’s episode of “Way Out West,” fans are enjoying the antics of the three families from Idaho who run rival outfitting businesses; the Youren, Bullock and Korell families. They are sure to give you a few laughs as they do their thing in the wilderness, while competing against each other as their families have done for over a century.

The episode titled, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Wood Floors” the Youren guys construct a Zipline on their land, and Harry is the Guinea pig that gets to test it. However, when Kidd comes out, wanting to try it, Matt tells him that Harry tried it about ten times already. So off he goes to the far end. When Kelsey and Amanda find out that Matt is their crash-test dummy, they are ready to warn him, but he is on his way down already. He survived the flight without any problems, and now they have a new toy.

The women are all going fishing for the weekend. Kelsey and Amanda, the Korell women and the Bullock women are all set for a fun time. Matt and Harry believe they will just be sitting around drinking chardonnay. Kelsey makes her money fishing, and drinking is a past time.

When the girls left, Matt announces to Harry and Kidd that they are going to put in wood floors for Amanda. As the chain saws and the table saw start humming, the wood is being cut, but not well enough for a wood floor. However, Matt has confidence that Amanda will just love it, because the rugs are a mess.

The women are arriving with lots of alcoholic beverages. Kelsey really wants to fish, as do most of the other ladies. But Amanda and Randi Korell decide they would rather make the drinks, and have a few while they wait for them to return.

As the guys are emptying the furniture from the room, they found a dead mouse under the sofa. When they try to move the large television, they drop it and when they stand it up, it makes a broken glass sound. As they continue to do a Three Stooges routine, just about everything in the house is broken, and the wood for the flooring is not even cut properly.

When the women strike out at fishing, they return to partaking in the margaritas. They tell stories about how they met their husbands and boyfriends. Randi’s daughter Sydnee is along, and hears things she would never hear at home. As the drinks keep flowing, the stories keep coming.

At wit’s end, the Yourens put a call for help out to the Bullocks, to rescue them from themselves. The guys know that normal people go to a hardware store for the flooring, but the Yourens are not normal people. The bad news is; the women will be home that day. The guys hurriedly sand the uneven floors, leaving the bare wood looking pretty nice.

Fortunately, the girls are still fishing, for the time being; but as luck would have it, they arrived home to see a pile of wood in front of the house. As promised, the girls had a cooler filled with fish. When the guys opened it, they found it filled with parrot fish, not indigenous to these parts, but the ladies kept their promise of a cooler filled with fish. They did not state if they were buying them or catching them.

When Amanda saw the house, she was shocked to see what she called, a pretty floor that will be stained by kid's drinks in no time. She saw the television was gone, and her mirror and knick-knacks disappeared too. Matt told her he was redecorating and buying new stuff. She appreciated his gesture, and was not mad at all on this episode of “Way Out West.”

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