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WAY-FM needs your help.

What's on your FM dial?
What's on your FM dial?
Jimmy Baikovicius aka Jikatu

One of the nice things about Southwest Florida is all of the great Christian radio stations. There's actually a selection to choose from, which is quite nice. One of the oldest and largest (thus I assume most popular) radio stations is moving along the FM dial. To two spots actually. Going from 88.7 to 100.5 and 89.5, depending where you are on the Estero, north-south, dividing live.

This is fairly old news, even to the casual listener. WAY-FM has done a great job spreading the word, the last few months, on their radio station, for their listeners. But now they are trying to reach the general public. It certainly wouldn't be beneficial if you continue to drive around with your 88.7 WAY-FM bumper sticker. If someone curious were looking for a Christian radio station, you certainly wouldn't want to lead them in the wrong direction. And it is a fact that we have many new-comers (often from out of state) and "visitors" in Southwest Florida who may be looking for a Christian station in the area.

So how can you help? Simply replace your old 88.7 sticker, or start posting up the new 100.5/89.5 stickers. To make it easy, WAY-FM will mail you one for free! Just go to their website, fill out the info, and they'll mail you one right away. It takes like 45 seconds. And it's free!