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WAY-FM music ministry to teens and young adults

Morning with Brant
Morning with Brant

WAY-FM originates in Nashville, TN but recently local station manager Thom Ewing presented a workshop at the recent Prayer and Missions Conference at Asbury UMC in Madison, AL about the local radio station and ministry.

Locally, WAY-FM Christian radio station carries the gospel to teens and young adults through Contemporary Christian music. The station’s mission statement is: Way-FM exists to encourage youth and you adults in their Christian lives and to introduce non-believers to Christ.

According to Thom Ewing WAY-FM’s Core Values provide a model of what the station management believes and how they want to conduct themselves on a daily basis. Their Core Values were developed by staff members of this ministry, these values guide, direct and represent all that WAY-FM is and does. These Core Values are:

• This is a faith-based Christian ministry and is therefore Christ centered.

• Everything the station and its personnel are about begins with the vision they believe God has given them.

• It is prayer supported; from the boardroom to the stock room they cover their ministry with prayer.

• They welcome and lovingly respond to Spiritual inquiry from their listeners.

• They believe that everyone deserves to be treated with love, dignity and respect because they acknowledge the interdependence of each other and that everyone is created in the image of God.

• They deeply appreciate all resources God has entrusted to them and consider themselves as stewards of their listeners’ generous gifts. They being in being accountable to high standards.

• They acknowledge that change is a part of life and of the life of an organization and therefore remain flexible so that they can better serve each other and their listeners.

• They strive to work using an out-of-the-box creativity and cutting-edge research, believing that professional work done with excellence honors God.

• They place a high value on integrity and believe in protect their integrity so they will not disappoint God or hurt His work.

• This ministry is listener and ministry focused therefore their primary focus is reflecting the listeners’ lifestyle needs, through a caring and encouraging presentation as a part of the entertainment medium.

WAY-FM conducts their ministry through their on-air presence, sponsored concerts, local and mission impact, and sponsored events. The on-air presence is provided through four primary timeframes and on-air personalities.

• Mornings with Brant which features Brant, Pablo, and Nikki

• Midday Cruz with Donna Cruz,

• Total Axxess with Wally

• Jeff Connell

WAY-FM in conjunction with various impact partners provides concerts featuring some of the top performers in the genre of Contemporary Christian music.

Then there are the local and mission impact activities which include:

• Business Breakfast provided once a week to a local business.

• The Annual Pastors Golf Tournament held during Pastor Appreciation Week.

• The Drive-Thru Difference where listeners are encouraged to pay for the car behind them in a fast-food drive-thru line.

• Cookies for the Troops whereby listeners are encouraged to buy Girl Scout cookies for military personnel station outside of the Unites States.

• The Crystal Apple Award which is given once a month to a listener-nominated local teacher.

• The station also conducts a Summer Project which in the past has included providing canned goods for a local food pantry, baby needs for Choice Life and school supplies given through Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

• Christmas Prayers in which the station along with ministry partners’ help disadvantaged families celebrate Christmas. The families are nominated by listeners.

The station provides two WAY-FM sponsored events which are:

1. WAY-FM Movie Night at Monaco Pictures where the families, youth, and couples can enjoy a free family-friendly movie.

2. WAY-FM Skate Night at Roller Time in Huntsville where families and individuals can enjoy an evening of skating.

Lastly there are the concerts. Recently (Feb. 11, 2010) the station and ministry partners joined World Vision to sponsor the “Speaking Louder Than Before” Tour with Jeremy Camp, The Afters, Chasen, and Jason Gray. The upcoming concert is “Until the Whole World Hears” Tour with Casting Crowns, Kutless, and Caleb on March 25, 2010.



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