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Way better than a Gun Free Zone


Given the fabled power and effectiveness of a Gun Free Zone, I have invented the next step: The Crime Free Zone. After all, why stop with simply keeping guns out? Can't people cause mayhem with a knife or a club? Why stop with forbidding only guns? Isn't the big worry what they will do with them? And for that matter, no weapon is needed for stealing or vandalism. There are a variety of criminal activites businesses would rather keep out than allow. Therefore, in the interest of making a simple, effective sign, I propose the Crime Free Zone sign.

Just like posting a No Guns Allowed sign keeps all firearms out of businesses that post the sign, this new sign will bring a sharp halt to all forms of criminal activiy because it says so! What kind of a person would go against such an edict? It is bound to work. Not only that, since it is legal in more and more places to carry a sidearm as one goes about one's day, the new sign would not block the business potential of law abiding weapons carriers. Where is the downside?

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  • robert 5 years ago

    I am laughing so hard I am crying. When you find a place where criminals obey laws like that let me know because I am moving there. This sounds more like something from the Brady (bunch) campaign than from you. Either your hanging around one too many Brady people or you are smoking something that might be illegal. But whatever spurred this one thank you for the lighter moment in a world where we have fewer and fewer lighter moments thanks to the Brady campaign and it's determination to prevent self defense on behalf of honest citizens. the criminals have guns now when do we get ours so we can defend ourselves? Can the Brady people give us an exact date when they are going to be able to stop all crime committed with a weapon (guns or other weapons) so we can put these signs up and KNOW they will be obeyed by all the criminals? Until then how many innocent people are going to die unable to have the legal chance to defend themselves because the Brady campaign lied about protecting us?

  • Bob in Va. 5 years ago

    This is a brilliant idea, why didn't anyone think of it before? It already works for drugs, right? Everyone knows the drug problems in the schools were solved overnight when the signs went up. Not even an aspirin, a known gateway drug, gets past the eagle eyes of the guardians of our precious children. High school girls with cramps are doing hard time right now. And as you said, there are the magic Gun Free Zone signs - well, I can't recall the last time I read about a liquor store hold up or a drive by shooting in DC. I only worry about what all the unemployed police officers are going to do when their jobs become obsolete.

  • Jarhead1982 5 years ago

    Actually, the sign should read:

    This is a stupidity free area, please refrain from admitting your membership in VPC, Brady Bunch or politics!

  • Lance 5 years ago

    Actually, to find a member of the VPC would be quite a feat. Although they tout a membership of "nearly 500,000 donors" They recently posted an ad to sell the membership list to raise money. One would expect the 500,000 person list to be quite valuable, but it turn out the list is only 50,000 and of those 28,000 have paid dues in the past 12 months. If you consider how many gun company executives and NRA members are on the email list to keep tabs on the VPC's "strategies" the real number of VPC supporters is likely 28,000 or less. So in order to find one at the door of you local club, it's about a 1 in 10,000 chance (based on a population in the US of about 300,000,000.) The NRA claims about 4 million, so in a huge nightclub of 10000 people, you have a 1 VPC member there and a you have about 110 NRA members there.

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