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Waxing nostalgic about Toy Story

Don't let this happen to you
Don't let this happen to you

When the original Toy Story opened in 1995, everyone was dazzled. At that time, about the only place you could see three-dimensional animation was on video games at the mall, and Pixar appeared to have taken even that standard and advanced it by a quantum leap.

Little do most people know that for more than 10 years prior to that, computer graphic-minded artists were busy at work laying the foundation for what would become today's multi-billion dollar 3D animation industry. Pixar Short Films: Vol 1 is a showcase of the earliest animated 3D short films and, for people curious about the history of 3D animation, it is an entertaining tour through the pioneering days.

With Toy Story on its 3rd incarnation, now may be just the right time to get nostalgic like that. I have not yet seen Toy Story 3, but I have my 3D glasses shined up and ready to go. Having just watched Pixar Short Films: Vol 1 I am sure I will have a greater appreciation for the amazing real-to-life effects that have become possible due to years of innovation, trial, and error. Just one step closer to the day when we can't tell the difference between virtual existence and the real deal. Yikes!