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Wax On Wax Off: Brazilian Waxing

I have written about my wonderful esthetician Victoria in the past and her manscaping capabilities. For this article I wanted to take you on the journey that most women submit to in the summer months to keep their "superfluous fur" in check.

Brazilian waxing
Victoria Perry

Brazilian waxing has become quite popular with most of my friends here in Atlanta. If it is something you are considering but not sure how the process goes, let me tell you a little of what to expect.

There are three different types of waxing techniques for that "oh so delicate" of areas.

The American Wax: The hair is removed from the bikini area from the outer leg to just inside the leg line.

The French Wax: The hair is removed from the bikini area and the labia. A "Landing Strip" is left at the top of the pubic bone.

The Full Brazilian Wax: All hair is removed from the bikini area, the labia and the backside.

Feel free to watch the attached episode of Real Women/Real Sexy where, in the second half of the episode, I bring in one of my friends to experience it first hand with Victoria for the first time.

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