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Wax on and wax off: Homemade furniture polish for a natural clean

Polishing the furniture is one of those chores that is time consuming, important to keep the wood clean and moisturized while keeping the dust at bay. Most furniture polishes that are purchased in stores have a chemical smell that is masked by the addition of the lemon scent added to them. They are also getting quite expensive.

Homemade furniture polish for a natural clean
Home and Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

A much more frugal way to clean the wood furniture, remove the dust and keeping your house fresh and each piece looking great is to make your own homemade furniture polish. It isn’t difficult and will save you lots of money while removing one more item from your shopping list.

All you need is one-third of a cup of white vinegar and one cup of olive oil. Mix these two ingredients together in a wide mouth jar. Then dab a little onto a soft and lint-free cloth and over the furniture. Rub the furniture with the cloth evenly and it will provide the wood surfaces with an even and smooth shine.

Place the lid on the jar tightly and store the unused homemade polish in the refrigerator. Be sure to place a label on the jar and keep it separate from other items in there so no one mixes it up for what they might think is a sandwich spread or salad dressing.

A drop or two of lemon oil or lemon essence will provide the scent that is common with most furniture polishes if you desire. Adding an aroma is optional and there are many scents that you can choose from but it isn’t necessary to add and won’t change the way the polish does its job on the wood in your home.

Homemade furniture polish is a natural way to clean all your wood items!

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