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Waving Flags

Waving flags for the World Cup and beyond
Waving flags for the World Cup and beyond
Mount Real Forum

Montreal seems to have plenty of waving flags recently. No sooner had the flags starting coming down from the Canadiens surprising run to the NHL Conference Finals, that the flags were up for the annual Grand Prix Montreal and the local feast of St Anthony…both local pillars in their respective communities – and both popular with the Italian community of Montreal.

Another popular activity with the Italians and many, many other cultural communities of Montreal is the World Cup - no need to add soccer, football or any other moniker to this EVENT, all soccer fans know what we are talking about no matter what you call this ‘beautiful game.’

The fans will be out – those with ties to specific teams, those that love the game, and yes those that just want to party. 32 nations will be playing and every single game will be a party for some and a wake for others…cheering, screaming, joy, frustration and waving flags.

My friend runs a local pub – all that you would expect from an establishment that has been around for 20 years – warm smiles, cold beer and very decent food when the kitchen is open, the beer and smiles…they seem to flow all the time.

Patrons are big Canadien fans, but the world cup draws all sorts – especially when Italy is playing. This will be especially true when host Brazil kicks it off Thursday at 4pm versus Croatia and when Italy plays England on June 14th at 6pm Eastern time.

Flags will be waving. My friend, at Sport Rock Café needed some flags. Made a couple of calls and discovered that there is a nearby flag store – Le Flag Shop near the corner of Atwater and St. Jacques across from the Lionel Groulx metro station – about 400 meters south of the famous Montreal Forum.

So right near the heart of our city is a cool little shop that has flags of the world. You ask and they seem to have it. They were stocked for the Grand Pirx and ready for the one month party that is the World Cup. They were stocked for La Fete National and ready for Canada Day. They had emblems, kites, umbrellas and crests – all with a flag motif and did we mention they were ready for the World Cup?

As we were leaving we discovered that they were part of a franchise that started in Vancouver and moved across the nation. Cool concept and it is nice to be able to walk into a retail location and be served by smiling faces that know their stuff as opposed to have to order via the internet – but they do the web stuff too, that is our we were referred.

So enjoy your weekend and if you need a flag to wave, you now know who we would call.

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