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Waveform Austin - Quality Rehearsal Studios for Austin Musicians

Rehearsal Room
Rehearsal Room
Sean Mackie

Where can a band find a space to rehearse in North/Central Austin? It seems that the need for a quality place for bands to rehearse in this part of Austin has gone un-noticed and completely ignored. While there are several rehearsal studios in South and East Austin, There are not any facilities available in the Central/North Austin area for musicians to use. Sure there are those un-air-conditioned storage units or the typical old warehouse or unused bedroom that most bands have to resort to but nothing that the serious musician would consider. But now there is a better option.

It took Sean Mackie five months of searching for a building that was priced right, air conditioned, had high ceilings, provided ample parking, didn’t have neighbor or neighborhood issues, and was easily accessible from any part of town. What he came up with was nothing short of the perfect rehearsal studio. Along the way, he encountered contractor’s problems, landlord issues, and even a few commercial real estate brokers that hung up on him after they heard what his idea for the space was going to be.

After dealing with all those issues, Sean and his company Waveform Austin opened for business. Sean has managed to create a rehearsal space that gives Austin musician’s rehearsal studios that have been said by many to be some of the best in Austin.

“The idea was pretty simple. Why not build rehearsal rooms that are designed for sounding good, not merely “sound proof”. Why are most facilities dark “caves” covered in black fiberboard and substandard PA’s? Why not create a quality neighborhood place and focus on bringing out creativity? “ Says Sean when asked how he came up with the concept.

Opening its doors in April of 2012, Waveform Austin is a 2500sq. ft. facility just off 183 and N Lamar. It has three studios all designed from the ground up to be the best live performance studios in Austin. The walls are all splayed and all the ceilings are high. There are ceiling-to-floor bass traps in every corner and custom woodwork. Each studio has micro-suede acoustic panels, Mackie PA systems, stools, and free Wi-Fi is broadcast throughout the facility.

Because it recently opened it doors, Waveform is still working on getting additional equipment that will allow Sean to finish his vision of the perfect studio. Soon to come is a 10x10 drum room where drummers can pay a small monthly fee and practice on their own with a kit in the room or bring their own. As well as equipment storage and more quality equipment that will rent at $5 a session, such as Ludwig Epic drum kits and Ampeg SVT bass amps.

The idea of treating musicians like artists and respecting their craft is not lost at Waveform. He also understands that times are tough for Austin Musicians so he has priced his rehearsal spaces so that they extremely affordable.

The studio rates range from $12/hr to $18/hr depending on the room size you want and weekend rates are 25% off. You will not fine a better deal on rehearsal rates for this quality of studio. Sean is a musician and created Waveform Austin with two guiding principles, affordability and quality. Waveform offers a free session (of any length) for every five rehearsals a customer books. Weekends are discounted 25%, and if you refer someone, you get a free rehearsal!

To reserve a space, talk to Sean, or get more information or directions, go to his website:

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