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Wave smashes through restaurant window: Viral video of Santa Barbara eatery wave

A wave crashes through a restaurant window turning a light meal into a very wet dish for some customers and it was all caught on video. The seaside restaurant in Santa Barbara sits overlooking the water on Stearns Wharf, but it suddenly became part of that wet scenery. People saw the huge wave coming, but were apparently unaware that it was coming after them inside their dry comfortable restaurant!

Wave crashes through restaurant window at the height of lunch hour, turning a light lunch into a very wet lunch.
YouTube screen shot

According to KTLA 5 News on March 2, the video was taken at the Moby Dick restaurant by Jill Freeland. She posted the video to YouTube and it has gone viral. The video appeared on national news today. Fox News showed the video to their viewers sharing with them the spectacular power of mother nature.

Freeland posted the video along with the caption “High tide and big swell can make for some salty eggs!!” She continued with, “Great front row seat for a much needed storm in our area.” Check out the astonishing video above, which shows the wave break through the window.

In the video, a man and a woman are seen having lunch at a table right next to a window. The appear to be enjoying the humongous swells breaking on the shore. The woman says, “There’s another one,” referring to the waves building in size as they enjoy the view.

Just as soon as she commented on the waves the two become part of the action as a huge wave bursts through the windows. With glass shattering and customers screaming, the once beautiful scenery has now interrupted everyone's meals and the once dry and comfortable restaurant is now full of water!

The waves were part of the winter storm making its way across the nation and the National Weather Service had issued a high surf advisory in the Santa Barbara area. Apparently the folks in the restaurant had no idea just how high that surf was about to get!

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