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Waunakee Intermediate School tweens release Pink Glove Dance II

Pink Glove Dance II - Waunakee Intermediate School
Pink Glove Dance II - Waunakee Intermediate School

To those who would lament "these kids today," and label them as self-centered or narcissistic, I'd like to introduce you to the caring tweens at Waunakee Intermediate School. Each month, the students focus on a specific character trait, such as "fairness" and "perseverance."

In November, for the trait of "caring," the entire faculty and student body came together and recreated yet another sequel to the famous, "Pink Glove Dance." Their newest tribute to their loved ones premiered on this morning.

The tweens at Waunakee Intermediate School are no stranger to YouTube video fame. Last year, they produced their first version of the infamous "Pink Glove Dance" to honor cancer survivors, and loved ones who have been lost to the disease. To date, the video has had over 13,000 views. Watch here. Earlier this school year, they produced a video to celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Watch here.

This year's Pink Glove video begins with the following introduction: "We are dancing in support of cancer awareness and letting all who struggle with cancer, especially our teacher, Mrs. Amy Frank, know that she does not have to dance alone. We hope this brings hope and joy to all of those who are fighting some type of cancer."

Watch Pink Glove Dance video 2010/2011.

Students at Waunakee Intermediate School, I salute you! What an amazing tribute to their loved ones; both to those who have been lost to cancer, and to those who are survivors.

Warning: I watched this video three times, and I cried all three times. Simply beautiful.

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