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Watery Detroit

People protesting water turnoffs in Detroit
People protesting water turnoffs in Detroit
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The city of Detroit, which is in bankruptcy and is prime pickings for our investor class, is handling the situation badly.

One insane strategy is to turn off water for folks behind on their bills.

“Do people owe millions of dollars,” you ask. Not that would be Cliven Bundy and some banks that have not paid back the bailout.

Since the spring of 2013, 15,000 residents of the Motor City have lost access to water.

The criteria for stopping the flow, are two months in arrears or a bill of $150. One hundred and fifty dollars.

Citizens are expected to live, drink, cook, shower and flush with no water.

Because the folks trying desperately to pay their utility bills are the ones who sent Detroit down the tubes.


This shouldn’t be confused with West Virginia where 300,000 residents could not drink the water for an extended time because those pesky over regulated industries still managed to poison it.

Whoops and they are sorry. But boy oh boy was the government angry with Freedom Industries- you can’t make these names up. This company was handed down an $11,000 dollar fine.

Basically 4 cents for every resident affected.

How about Freedom Industries get the citizens of Detroit current on their water bills.

Or Michigan officials refrain from arresting protesters demanding this basic human right for our citizenry.

Hey third world counties, America is on your tail.

Question. When Cliven Bundy wouldn’t pay grazing fees for his cattle that ultimately totaled 7 figures, and folks joined his protest, pointing guns sniper style at federal emissaries, not one person was arrested. Pour quoi?

When two of the 2nd Amendment protectors peeled off from the group and generated a killing rampage in Las Vegas, that included two police office, again- why wasn’t Bundy charged.

If it had been an Afro- American group and certain members had splintered off and then detonated a bomb- you would have been able to see the spite spittle coming out of Bill O’Reilly. And Sean Hannity. Cliven Bundy’s buddy.

Not to mention authorities hauling bunches of folks to jail.

Why were people arrested for protesting in Detroit? Really, remember freedom of speech and assembly. Hello. The Bill of Rights has 10 amendments. Even the gun nuts must realize that if they are fetishing over the 2nd Amendment, there must be a first one.

Release the folks arrested in Detroit. And focus on the keeping Wall Street from making money off of this misery.

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