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Watertown Musician Plans 50th Anniversary Concert

David Bines
David Bines

WATERTOWN, Wis. - Musician David Bines is planning a concert to celebrate his 50th anniversary as a musician according to his daughter and manager Shari Bines.

Bines recently asked his daughter, Shari Bines, to become his manager. She says "It's fascinating to tell what he's done. He's not stopping - he's still doing more."

David Bines performed his first professional gig at only 11 years of age in 1964. When Bines was in fifth grade, he worked up the courage to perform in front of his classmates. While the onlookers originally laughed at him, he continued to perform to his class. Soon enough, they were begging him to play another song.

After his performance to the class, Bines soon went from a "nobody" to the "popular kid". Students began inviting him to hang out with them, under the condition that he brought his guitar.

His favorite song to play is I miss you because his mother enjoyed hearing him play it.

Bines says, even though he doesn't have millions of fans, the fans that he does have "mean the world to him".

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