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Watertown Film Fest under way

The Watertown Film Festival, located in Watertown, Minnesota, is just around the corner. The 2010 season of the fest, however, will be a lot different from the ones held in the past.

"The fourth annual Watertown Film Festival is planned to be the best yet," said Andrew Hatling, director of operations for Watertown Film Festival. "This year sees many positive changes which have excited all of the organizers, and we have seen that excitement spread into the community."

This year's festival plans to feature musical performances from Minnesota musicians and bands, who will perform until 5 p.m. where a catered meal, courtesy of an Italian restaurant in Watertown, will be served. A Q&A session with professional filmmakers, professors, critics and actors/actresses will be held after the meal. The purpose of the Q&A, according to Hatling, will be to allow the audience a chance to gather a better understanding of the process of filmmaking and the art involved.

At 7 p.m., the film fest will begin, complete with interviews with the filmmakers along with the screenings. The films themselves will run from 7-10 p.m. At the end of the screenings, the audience will vote on the top films, using what they learned from the Q&A session earlier. The awards ceremony will follow. The prizes will be different this year, as the third place winner will receive $200; the second place winner $300; and the first place winner $500. The filmmakers won't be the only ones receiving prizes -- audience members will receive some great door prizes as well.

Also planned for this year's film fest is a showcase throughout the day where local film and music groups will set up displays to show their events and happenings.

"The intention is to offer the audience members and artists exposure to these groups," said Hatling.  "And to allow the groups exposure to a new audience."

There will also be a red carpet to welcome the filmmakers and musicians, searchlights to draw in the crowd and film festival t-shirts will be for sale.

Tickets go on sale on the Web site starting February 1, 2010, or at local businesses. Hatling said they will have local radio stations advertise the event and do promotional events including offering free tickets to callers, including V.I.P. tickets prior to the fest.

"Tickets will sell fast," said Hatling. "We encourage buying them early, which will also let [people] take advantage of the advanced ticket pricing."

Advanced tickets are $10; door tickets $12; and only music/only film tickets $7. Dinner, which will consist of pasta, salad, bread, dessert and drink, will cost $10. V.I.P. tickets will run for $25 and include the full day of events, dinner and V.I.P. events. 550 tickets will go on sale.

The Watertown Film Fest are asking local musicians to contact them if they are interested in performing at the event. The best way to contact the Watertown Film Fest is via e-mail at

The 2010 Watertown Film Fest will be held on Saturday, March 13, 2010, at the Watertown-Mayer Performing Arts Center.

For more info: You can send the Watertown Film Festival an e-mail at  Please note their Web site is not yet running.  I will post the Web site's url on here once it's finished and launched.