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Waterproof your mobile device yourself.

Waterproof your mobile device yourself.
Waterproof your mobile device yourself.

Once again another Kickstarter project has wowed many people. The Impervious Spray Kickstarter project will be ending on May 21, 2014. This project is a bottle of waterproofing spray for your mobile devices. The project has raised just over $30,000 which is a lot more then what they asked for. This project has had a lot of success because there are a lot of companies that waterproof phones for hundreds of dollars.
The starting waterproof package from Impervious is only $30. With the huge price difference many users are buying this product and will use it to waterproof their iPhone and tablets and maybe even make a little extra money waterproofing other people’s devices. Many of their competitors require a re-application in quick periods of time, the impervious spray lasts up to three years. The spray also gives your phone a scratch proof screen.
The DIY kit comes with easy instructions, and tools. The full inside and out impervious spray kit will tell you how to remove your screen and apply the waterproof liquid. The impervious spray will save a lot of people a lot of time and money. For most companies when you send in your phone for waterproofing you won’t get your phone back for a week or too. With the impervious spray waterproofing your phone becomes a one day project.

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