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'Watermark' DVD Review

Watermark DVD Review
Watermark DVD Review

As human beings we must have water to live. We need it to drink, bathe, and for the growing of our food supply. We use it for enjoyment for instance when we go to the beach with the family for the day. Water is there for us to make a living. Water is a key component to our very existence and this documentary is here to show us just how important.

Award winning filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Nick de Pencier along with photographer Edward Burtynsky have collaborated to bring us this film documentary. The three have made a similar documentary titled 'Manufactured Landscapes' back in 2006. When these three people get together for a project you know it's going to be special.

This film will take you to the Fujian coast of China and show you massive abalone farms. They will travel to the largest arch dam in China which is six times the size of Hoover dam. You will see the barren desert area that once was covered by the mighty Colorado river. They will show you how the U. S. Open of Surfing brings us to enjoy the strength if our oceans and seas. This documentary takes us around the globe in search of water.

The film was shot in 5K ultra high-definition video and allows the viewer the best experience imaginable. The aerial shots are spectacular. Eone is bringing us this documentary and it is being released tomorrow July 8, 2014.

If you are a teacher this is a must documentary for your students. If you are a parent or grandparent this is an excellent gift for your children. If you just like learning or love high quality documentaries then this one is a must. This is one DVD you will want for your library. Enjoy.