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Watering your vegetable garden

Do these tomatoes need more water?
Do these tomatoes need more water?
Jaime Zaplatosch

We are in the height of the summer when tomato plants are beginning to sag under the weight of their treasures and squash vines have run rampant. It is a time when watering the vegetable garden is a regular ritual that we either love to put on our to do list or rush through to keep our plants healthy.

It is hard to tell when to water these days. We have had so much rain in and around Chicago and the rest of the Midwest lately, coupled by hot, dry spells. Neither of these things bodes well for a vegetable garden. The newest issue of Edible Landscaping with Charlie Nardozi, published by the National Gardening Association, focuses on vegetable garden watering.

The lead article is full of wonderful tips of how to tell when your garden needs water and charts out the most important times that each vegetable needs water for your best harvest. Check out the article - it will help you be a more successful gardener. I learned a lot!