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Waterfalls and streams as photographed around Columbus, Ohio.

Whether it is the hocking hills or Columbus water is an interesting subject to photograph.
Whether it is the hocking hills or Columbus water is an interesting subject to photograph.
Photo by Bill McCracken

Moving water evokes calm emotions whether the technique is to capture each drop in motion or milky white moving water. Waterfalls and streams are the source of moving water for this type of image. Fast water streams in the Columbus Metro Parks and two waterfalls in Columbus are all locations for these dramatic shots. In southeast Ohio the hocking hills have several waterfalls that have good water flows at this time of year.
This image is an example of the combination of moving water, color, and lines. The motion of the moving water creates the smooth wave shapes moving right to left. Selection of a slow shutter speed allows enough time for the water to move through the frame creating the smooth look. A neutral density filter on the lens was used to enhance the colors and get a slower shutter speed.
Notice the areas where the water reflects colors creating a glass look. The main subject though is the wave that is created by water running over a rock that is completely hidden from view. Under the wave curl there appears to be a slight glow highlighting the form and creating an artistic look. As the wave breaks the edge is filled with water breaking up into circles and other shapes.
The colors in the water are reflections from the sky and trees along the stream bank. Further enhancements in photo shop levels and curves help bring out the true color.
This exposure shutter speed was 1/15 sec, the aperture f/9.0, exposure program manual, and white balance set to cloudy weather. The lens was 70.0 – 300.0 mm set at 130.0 mm with a neutral density filter.
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