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Waterbury Dam

The beginning of the dam.
The beginning of the dam.

Now that spring is here and mud season is underway in the valleys of Vermont, it may be hard to find a dry and accessible walk for you and your dogs. A great place to check out for a picturesque and easy stroll is the Waterbury Dam.

Cody is checking for leaks.
Chris Young

You can park at the top of the dam and walk your panting friends along the ridge of the dam overlooking the Waterbury reservoir on one side and the hydro-electric station on Little river on the other side. It is not a long walk, but it is pretty. Afterward, you can take your pet pals up the road to the State park and wander the many trails in the woods. It is off-season right now,  but you may still explore the park.

The dam was designed by the Corps of Engineers and completed in 1938 by the Civilian
Conservation Corps and power generation was added in 1953. The dam was created to control flooding in the Winooski River valley.  You can find the dam along Little River Rd. off of Rt.2 in Waterbury.

The reservoir behind the dam is a beautiful place to boat, swim and explore.  You can find access at Little River State Park or Waterbury Center State Park.


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