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Waterboarding daughter: Bizarre near-death research on girl by ex-pediatrician?

Ex-pediatrician charged with waterboarding 11-year-old girl in bizarre case.
Ex-pediatrician charged with waterboarding 11-year-old girl in bizarre case.
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Waterboarding daughter, this is what prosecutors are calling the alleged crime committed by a former pediatrician. The 11-year-old daughter of the former Delaware doctor’s girlfriend reports that he held her head under the running faucet as a form of punishment, which he had dubbed “waterboarding,” according to Fox News on Jan. 28.

The prosecutor said that Melvin Morse exercised total control over the young girl and the mother stood by and let it happen. Morse denies that this was punishment and said that what the girl is referring to is hair washing, which she didn’t like. He denies holding her head under the running facet until she couldn't breath.

What gets even more bizarre is Morse’s work with the paranormal centers around near-death experiences in children. Police claim that he was using this 11-year-old girl for experiments regarding this phenomenon.

Morse denies that he did experiments using the girl. He has written several books on the science of the paranormal and he’s appeared on Larry King and Oprah talking about his research. He was also featured on an “Unsolved Mysteries” episode, so he is somewhat known for his research, according to TVNZ today.

The 60-year-old former pediatrician was arrested in 2012 and charged with child endangerment and assault. He entered a plea of “not-guilty” to these charges. Prosecutors will now argue their case in court.