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Waterboarding daughter: 11 y/o girl waterboarded by mom's companion

A man accused of waterboarding the daughter of his female companion is facing charges. On Jan. 28, Star Tribune reported that ex-doctor Melvin Morse terrorized the 11-year-old girl in unthinkable ways. According to deputy attorney general Melanie Withers, Morse would hold the girl's face under the faucet and he "exercised total control over her" for the past several years.

"The defendant controlled every single aspect of that child's life, including whether she had the right to draw breath," Withers told jurors during opening statements in a Georgetown, Delaware court on Tuesday. The defense, naturally, is denying the claims, stating that the girl has made up things when talking to authorities.

Waterboarding the daughter of his friend may be the tip of the iceberg in this case. While waterboarding is traumatizing, it sounds as though Morse has put this young girl through mental and physical abuse for many years of her life -- and these things will undoubtedly affect her in life moving forward. One can only hope that a new, healthy environment and some counseling will help her heal. Her mother's companion (as Morse is referred to in the report), may have something different coming his way -- like time behind bars.

"Melvin Morse, 60, has pleaded not guilty to child endangerment and assault charges. He has specifically denied police claims that he may have been experimenting on the girl," reports the Star Tribune.

Waterboarding the daughter of his friend isn't the only thing that Morse has allegedly done. In fact, he was arrested on child endangerment charges in 2012 for dragging the young girl by her ankles across a gravel driveway. He was released on bail. The young girl and her younger sister are in foster care. Their mother, Pauline Morse, is allowed supervised visits at this time. No word on whether or not charges will be filed against their mom -- but she was already charged with misdemeanor child endangerment last year. She plead guilty.

According to the report, Pauline Morse, will testify against Melvin Morse.

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