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Water Wipes: The Worlds Purest Baby Wipe

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WaterWipes are the most natural of baby wipes that there is. They contain 99.9% of water and .01% of fruit extract. The fabric is made of cotton wool. They are even perfect for newborn babies. Unlike almost all the other baby wipes, these contain no harsh chemicals. The water is purified before the making.

Just think of all the times that you change a baby each day. Sometimes they need to be changed ten times a day or more. When using a baby wipe, can you imagine all the wipes that do contain harsh chemicals and using them each time? Just imagine all of those chemicals wiping across your little one's bottom.

These wipes are also great for cleaning out breathing machines for those with apnea, or even for cleaning off your face. It's also safe for removing makeup and other things that have been applied to the skin or face areas.

WaterWipes are also great for rashes to ease them and also to help to prevent them. If you or anyone you know have really sensitive skin, try these out. Skin issues like eczema or psoriasis will not be affected by these wipes. That is a wonderful thing for those that have these skin issues.

They have these sold through Walgreens, Target, Abe's Market, Amazon and a few other companies. They are not expensive like the other's either. Very affordable and great for many needs.


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